How To Get A Job If You’re Over Qualified

There are many reasons why ‘over qualified’ professionals are often applying for roles – perhaps after years at the top they don’t want the pressure that comes with a senior position or they are finding the current jobs market particularly tough.

Nic Sephton-Poultney, Associate Director of the HR recruitment team at Robert Walters, says, “If an employer were to take on an over-qualified HR professional they would need to be 100% sure that they were committed to the job and they wouldn’t leave as soon as a job more suited to their experience and qualifications turned up. The professional would also need to have a very good reason for looking to make the step down, be it work/life balance, a shorter commute, less pressure etc.”

Will Overqualified Job Seekers Be Turned Down?

When an employer is looking to hire a professional, they can be very specific about the background and skills they are looking for. As recruiters we will help our clients to find the most suitable candidate that matches the criteria they are looking for. Nothing is preventing recruiters from considering ‘over-qualified’ professionals who apply for a position, but recruiters act in response to demand from their clients.

What Are Employers’ Main Concerns When Hiring?

Retaining staff is a number one priority to employers and they want to know their employees are motivated and interested in their jobs. A professional who is challenged is going to find their role more inspiring than someone who finds it easy because they are over-qualified.

In the current market, employers believe that hiring people with more skills and experience than are necessary is a needless risk. Their view is they can easily recruit someone at the exact level they are looking for and someone who is probably more likely to stay in the job for a longer period.

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