Our approach to assessments 

Hiring in talented employees who have the necessary skills and competencies required to perform successfully in their roles is critical to achieving a competitive advantage and driving performance. It’s equally important to hire individuals who are likely to fit into the culture of your organisation. Through the use of well defined and measurable competency frameworks PeopleSense is able to provide you with valid and reliable information about your prospective hire. 





Different roles and levels of functioning within organisations require different types of cognitive abilities.


At PeopleSense we assess specific cognitive skills required for the role.


We also assess strategic capability for five different levels

of work .

Different roles, tasks and team cultures require unique sets of behaviours for individuals to be successful.


Matching behaviour to the role context is critical in predicting future success.

We assess personality, EQ, work roles, strategic values, and interests.

Competence comprises atitudes, skills and knowledge. We assess broad based business knowledge too.

Know if your candidate has the level of knowledge required to operate in your business.

We assess knowledge of HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, and other business areas.

We assess curent levels of competence by 'test driving' your candidates in a simulated business environment. 

Your candidate may have all the potential to perform, but how does their competence stack up now?

Our in-tray exercises are delivered virtually which saves you in travel and time expenses.

Why Psychometrics?

What are psychometric assessments anyway?

The term 'psychometric' is coined from the Greek words for mental and measurement. In essence psychometric assessments are measures of psychological attributes, typically:

  • Personality, assesses potenital for behaviour

  • Aptitude, assesses potential for problem solving

  • Values, assesses beliefs about work

  • Interests, assesses interest for work activities

Why should I bother to use them in my business?

Here are our tope 5 reasons why you should be using assessments to support better hiring decisions:

  • They're valid, reliable and fair.

  • They're up to 8 times better than guess work alone.

  • You can use the results to create a talent strategy for you business.

  • They create a professional image for your business. 

  • The cost of a bad hire can work out to 1.5 times the annual cost to company before taking loss of productivity or disruptions to your business into account. 

What difference does a good hiring decision make to productivity in my business?

According to a survey of 410 corporate officers at 35 large US companies:

  • Operational roles - high performers were 40% more productive compared to average performers.

  • Management roles - high performers were 49% more productive compared to average performers.

  • Sales roles - high performers were 67% more productiv compared to average performers.