The Perception of Women in the Construction Industry

In the past, women in the construction industry have had to face challenges that came with working in a male-dominated environment. Female construction professionals were thought to be incapable of handling the pressures that came with the job.

Their opinions were not taken seriously and they were constantly being second guessed by their male counterparts. Some women have even said that they had to work twice as hard as men to prove they belonged in this industry.

South Africa has been making great strides towards equality in all industries within the country, not just in terms of racial equality, but gender equality as well. At first, the construction industry was slow to adapt to the trend of gender equality, though this has changed in recent times as more females are entering the industry.

While there presently still exists prejudice towards women working in the construction industry in some companies, the situation is constantly improving. Women are being recognised for the valuable contributions they can make to construction companies. They no longer have to stand back for their male counterparts as they often had to do in the past.

Recruitlink is contributing to this shift in perception by placing capable and qualified female candidates into position for which they are suited. A person’s gender is not a reflection of their ability to work in a certain sector, including construction. We are proud to be a part of this journey in promoting gender equality in construction and having women be seen as valuable members of the industry.

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