How could the built Environment be affected by the 2014 Elections?

An election has the potential to revolutionise and completely change the way a country is governed. This has been a constant with all South Africa elections promising to be game changers. Now that we’ve been a democratic country for 20 years, it’s time for government to seriously address the issue of job creation in South Africa.

Many parties have been making promises of increased jobs for South Africans, but the question is – how will they go about this? Other concerns are the impact this will have on recruitment and the Built environment.

While the industries that are most directly affected by government tend to be the Manufacturing, Mining and Financial sectors, the Built environment is also heavily affected by the amount of infrastructure development and civil projects taking place. The parliament passed the Infrastructure Development Bill in February this year, which is aimed to speed up the process of awarding and completing development projects. With some parties being opposed to this bill, the outcome of the election could affect the way it is implemented in future. This will have a significant impact on the Built environment in South Africa, particularly jobs in the Built environment.

The effect this will have on recruiters within the Built environment, like us, is simple. The more infrastructure development and civil projects taking place in the country, the more opportunities we will be able to offer our candidates. With a database of over 5000 candidates, we are more than prepared for such a development. We are confident that no matter what the outcome, the future of jobs in the Built environment is secure and promises to improve as more infrastructure development is taking place.

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