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PeopleSense was founded in 2014 by registered organisational psychologist, Calum McComb. Calum has more than 10 years of consulting experience having delivered consulting psychology expertise to a range of clients and through a network of associates. PeopleSense has a solid track record of having delivered Talent and OD projects to national and global client organisations across industries.


Calum is a systems psychodynamically informed consulting psychologist who is curious about how people are positioned and position themselves in social systems to take up their roles, consciously and unconsciously, and how these roles serve individuals and social systems. He works with systemic awareness of the impact of interventions both consciously and on the unconscious of client systems.


Calum is passionate about helping clients to find deep insights at the micro, meso and macro systemic levels. The psychodynamic approach to consultation values authenticity and truth. At the heart of the systems psychodynamic approach is the removal of individual and group defensive screens that serve to distort the quality of relationships at work and to disguise anti-task behaviour. We deliver authentic solutions that begin with the needs of our client systems.  

Consulting from a positivist stance, we provide assessment of talent to aid effective decision making aligned to your talent strategy. We provide psychometric assessments and organisational surveys that are valid, reliable and free of bias. We only deliver psychometric assessments that are proven to be fair for use across demographic groups in South Africa.


Calum also works from a systems psychodynamic stance.  PeopleSense creates reflective spaces within which clients are afforded an opportunity to learn through experience. Consulting psychologists use the self as instrument to reflect on, and offer awareness of, the unconscious defensive patterns in the client system. In making the unconscious conscious, organisations have an opportunity to realise deep transformation and move forward from dynamics that served to keep them stuck.


By holding the view of organisations as sets of systems and sub-systems, relating to, and mirroring one another, we work with individuals, teams, and at the organisation-wide levels. Our approach takes the entire ‘ecology’ of our client system into account. We recognise the interconnectedness of people, processes and dynamics, and deliver consulting expertise with our impact on the system in mind.

We offer our clients psychometric assessments and business simulations; executive coachingteam coaching; analysis of organisational culture; change management dynamics navigation; bespoke leadership development programs; and social dreaming experiences.

Some of our Clients


Barloworld Transport,

-Managing Director-

Working directly with my team, both one on one, and in groups Calum is highly competent and delivers good results for both the company and on a personal level for the people involved. 


Calum is very good at identifying and then conforming potential issues , and then providing solutions to these areas of concern going forward. 

I would certainly recommend Calum in a corporate environment and also a small business or personal environment.



-HR Director

We have been working with Calum for a year now and in this time Calum has added great value to our business in terms of psychometric assessments for all levels in our organization. We primarily utilise Calum’s services for recruitment and selection purposes, but he has also supported us with development of our employees.


Calum is very professional and delivers to a high standard, our managers enjoy working with him and take his expert advice  seriously. Thank you Calum for being a great partner to our HR Team.


The Mr Price Group,

-Head of Talent Acquisiton-

I have had the pleasure of working with Calum in the Assessments space for the last year in my role of Head of Talent Acquisition for the Mr Price Group. 

His ability to understand our business need, and translate that into assisting us with appropriate assessment tools for talent acquisition purposes, is superb.

Calum is super reliable, very relatable and is passionate about consistently delivering best practice solutions in the Assessment space.

I found the psychodynamics session facilitated by Calum to be absolutely fascinating. He created an optimal environment for us to explore our deep rooted unconscious behaviour and how it impacts us and others on a daily basis. From the “Social Dreaming” exercise, which in itself was beautifully bizarre, to the “Group Dynamics Session”. Understanding our connection to each other and to our inner workings was illuminating.


The session felt like a roller coaster ride – full of thrills, moments of fear and when it was over, a feeling like I wanted to go on the ride again. Uncovering your own patterns of unconscious behaviour is not without challenge but with Calum’s blend of insight, support and tough love helped us to navigate the experience and left us with a solid foundation for us to build on

“We have worked with Calum for over 24 months. Calum has become a key ingredient to the development of our leadership teams thinking, and in guiding the processes of renewing our company’s Mission, Vision and Values.


Calum’s passion for what he does, and his enthusiastic approach makes working together both easy and energising. I foresee that he will remain a “partner” of our business in leadership coaching and strategy determination into the future”

It’s rare that you come across a Service Provider with standout professionalism like Calum! I have had the pleasure of working with Calum for the past year at Beiersdorf, collaborating on Assessments, Assessment Feedback sessions and Career Development Coaching Sessions. 


He consistently demonstrates exemplary integrity and discretion in all of his communications and interactions. I was particularly impressed by Calum’s ability to handle even the toughest discussions—effortlessly.

I would recommend Calum to any company that is looking to partner with an exceptional psychologist.


Mr Price Group, 

-Talent Acquisition Manager-








City Logistics, 

-HR Manager-

Calum offers an exceptional service. His unique approach goes above and beyond as he tailor makes the battery of assessments to match each situation. 


Calum is a knowledgeable individual and was able to assist City Logistics on many occasions. The results are precise and his added value and passion is nothing short of a great service from PeopleSense. 

I would highly recommend him to any company or individual as we are continually using his services.


PFK Electronics, 

-HR Director-

Partnering with Calum McComb at PeopleSense has given us the confidence and intelligence to manage and implement change, hire talent that is matched to our business requirements and culture and take our leadership development, coaching and mentoring to a new level.

Professionalism, passion and perseverance best describe PeopleSense in our book!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”



At PeopleSense we recognise the importance of keeping in touch with other psychologists and staying up to date with new developments in the field. Calum is an active participant in IGSPO events as well as systems psychodynamic events hosted by other organisations in South Africa and around the world.